Burke (onelinesketch) wrote,


Can we talk about how awesome the U of M is? We can? Ok, here we go...

So, I live in Middlebrook and I love the place. The food is amazing. There is a huge buffet for every meal (you can take as much as you want). As part of the buffet, they have the best salad bar I've ever seen in my life. It is two buffet carts long and has everything you could possibly want to put on a salad. I could go vegan if I wanted to. Then they always have lunch meats/bread/tuna and chicken salad, so no matter what they are serving in the buffet that day, if it is something you don't like, you can always have a good sandwich. Then, there is this huge wall of cereals... I mean every type of cerial you can imagine... even Boo Berry!
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