Burke (onelinesketch) wrote,

More "Heroes" nit-picks (w/ pics!)

As if I didn't need any more proof that the writers of Heroes were either too stoned or too dumb (or both)  to remember anything they learned in high school, they write a new craptstic episode "Duel" (Ep. 3x13).  But before I begin, I would just like to remind anybody who might be reading this that I do understand this is a TV show about superheroes and, yeah, there are going to be plenty of things in it that have nothing do with science.  However, there is a line where suspension of disbelief refuses to go beyond, and just like in Superman IV when Nuclear Man is created by sending an atomic bomb containing a strand of Superman's hair into the sun, Heroes has crossed that line.

So, let's start with something small:

No bottle of adrenaline would say "adrenaline" - at least not in the United States.  Here we call it epinephrine (adrenaline is the lay-terminology).  Yeah, I know this is really nit-picky, but come on!  The bottle clearly says that it was produced in Trenton, NJ, and unless it was meant for use in Mexico or somewhere in South America, it doesn't make sense.

Besides, an injection of this stuff makes Meredith go absolutely insane.  Really?  How come she doesn't explode whenever she gets scared or surprised?  Okay, so it's unclear how much of this Sylar gave her (the bottle looked pretty full to me), but it isn't like an injection of epinephrine makes your heart burst.  The effects of this stuff can easily be overcome by yoga, meditation, deep-breathing, or even chugging an ice-cold glass of water. 

Number two:

Noah shoots a bullet at some bullet-proof glass and it doesn't work.  So, Claire has a brilliant idea and tells them to "stand back."  It's at this point she hurtles herself at the glass and it shatters into a million pieces.  How the fuck does that work?  I don't care how pain or injury resistant somebody is, you're not going to get through bullet-proof glass by taking a running start and slamming into it - best case scenario is that the glass will pop out of the frame (and it would have to be really, really poorly built). 

Besides, I'm pretty sure bullet-proof glass doesn't shatter like that (but I can look past that part at least).


Matt: "The theory of relativity: if you can travel faster than the speed of light, you can actually move through time!"

No, Matt! No!  That's not what the theory of relativity says.  They make some crack afterwords about him "mostly" paying attention in high school, but these seems more like information you might acquire by skimming a Wikipedia article and then pretending to fully understand it. 

Please, Heroes writers, don't treat your viewers like idiots; we all know that the only way to travel backwards through time is to get the earth to rotate the opposite way on it's axis.  But seriously, I can accept the fact that time travel, at least the way it is presented in most science fiction, makes no fucking sense - just don't half-assedly use Einstein to justify it.  Thanks.
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