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I guess crazy shit happens every day.

A VERY INTERESTING STORY FOLLOWS. I know most people tend to pass over a lot of LiveJournal entries, but I feel this blog post will be worth reading.

Late Friday night (or early Saturday morning) I was hanging out with Duerst and John - nothing special, we were just watching TV and eating (as usual). Around 2:00AM John asked for a ride home, and I obliged, little did he know that he was about to miss out on some mega-craziness.

Around 3:30AM Duerst and I were still hanging out and watching X-PLAY when we hear loud BANING on my door. My first thought is that John forgot his iPod, or maybe some random friend who knew I was awake decided to make an appearance. After a little confusion I answer the door and a SCREAMING girl with a little black dog bursts inside, shuts the door behind her, collapses on the floor and starts crying.

I try asking her what is happening, but she is completely freaking out - screaming, tears running down her face, and completely incoherent. At this point, Duerst joins me at the door asking her "Are you OK?" She tells us between her shrieks that some guy is chasing her, and (as we found out later) the coat she is wearing and the dog - whose leash she is carrying - is his. Suddenly a guy walks up to the door and rings the bell, as that happens she FLIPS out and hides behind us while screaming "DON'T LET HIM IN!"

I calm her by telling her that we aren't going to let him in and that all the doors are locked. I grab my cell phone and call 911, and we move the whole scene into the kitchen. After I'm assured that a squad will be sent, my dad, now awake, comes down stairs and asks us what's going on. Duerst and I explain what has happened to him - as for this girl's story, we have no idea who she is or why she is freaking out.

While waiting for the police to arrive, we try to figure out what happened to make this girl freak out so much. And the entire time we were talking to her, this guy is sitting outside my front door and ringing the doorbell every 2 seconds. But unfortunately, we couldn't get a straight story from her and, as far as I know, neither could the police. However, this is what I pieced together from what I heard:

Apparently, this girl was walking home from some Christmas party alone when she ran into some guy (who she had never met before) walking his dog. They started walking and talking, and he offered up his coat because she had left her jacket at the party. For some unexplained reason, she got scared and started running away from him while she was holding his dog's leash. That's when she saw my house's light on and banged on my door.

Duerst asked her a million questions: "Did he have a weapon? Did he try to hurt you? Did he try to molest you?" But she said no to everything. The police gave the guy his coat and dog back, and drove the girl home, but as far as I know, they never got an answer as to WHY she ran off with the dog. Duerst said that he smelled alcohol, and his theory is that she was really drunk. My dad thought it was acid or something like that.

I guess that we'll never actually know what happened.
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